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for Business Sellers

(a) When you list your business here, you'll reach 1,000s of potential business buyers who come in search of Businesses for sale. It's easy, straight forward and confidential. (  $66 for 3 months incl. GST)

(b) Email summarizing your business for sale will be sent to all matching registered buyers weekly. Free

(c)  Tell us about your business for sale and we'll search for a buyer.   Free

(d)  Learn what's involved in selling your business, valuating and information needed to sell. Free


for Business Buyers

(a) Find an established business to buy, search our catalogue by area, type etc. Free

(b) Post a “Business Wanted” message on the board. Free

(c) Get new business-for-sale listings delivered automatically to your email box. Free

(d) Learn the key to a successful business purchase by understanding the process and knowing what to expect in buying a business.  Free


for Business Brokerage

Find a  Business Broker

(a) Sellers and Buyers are your business's lifeblood. This site allows  you unlimited business for sale listings which can be changed as you wish.  

(b) All businesses- for- sale listings have emails sent notifying  registered buyers, weekly. 

(c) In Broker's page  your name, street address, town, phone number, Mobile number and email will be displayed by area.  You can easily edit your display at any time.


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Find an Accountant, Solicitor or Finance Broker. Free

Our site has over 10379 Australian Accountant's names, address, phone numbers (email if available) etc. Free

Our site has over 10327 Australian Solicitor's names, address, phone numbers (email if available) etc. Free

Our site has over 6410 Australian Finance Broker's names, address, phone numbers (email if available) etc. Free